25-29 June 2018
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Evolution of Chemical Potentials in the Early Universe

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Mandy M. Wygas (Bielefeld University)


The QCD phase diagram is commonly drawn in the baryon chemical potential versus temperature plane ($\mu_B-T$). As until a few microseconds after the big bang the Universe was filled with strong-interaction matter, often also a sketch of the trajectory of the early Universe is displayed in the QCD phase diagram. However, below the electroweak phase transition and above neutrino oscillations, the cosmic trajectory lies in a (5+1)-dimensional space of chemical potentials for baryon number $B$, electric charge $Q$, three lepton flavours $L_{\alpha}$ and temperature $T$. We are going to present some new results on the evolution of these chemical potentials throughout a large temperature range in the early Universe.

Primary author

Mandy M. Wygas (Bielefeld University)


Dietrich Boedeker (Bielefeld University) Dominik J. Schwarz (Bielefeld University) Isabel M. Oldengott (Bielefeld University)

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