3-13 July 2023
Institute of Space Sciences
Europe/Madrid timezone
6th Institute of Space Sciences Summer School


ICE Summer School 2023 - Resources for hands-on sessions

The ICE Summer School 2023: Life Cycle of Dust consists of theoretical lectures, visits to laboratories and facilities, and hands-on sessions where you will analyze data to derive relevant parameters in astrophysical studies. The following survey is intended to compile information on your available computing resources when attending the school. This information will not be public, but is just intended for organizational purposes.
Computing resources

For the hands-on sessions we will use astronomical softwares and programs. For this, we recommend that each participant has access to a computer (e.g., laptop, working station at your home institution)

Please indicate the units (e.g., 1000 MB, 10 GB, 2 TB)
Please, indicate units (e.g., 8 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB)
Astronomical software

The lecturers have prepared some hands-on sessions that will use different packages commonly used in Astrophysical research. We have listed here some of the programmes that will be used. We do not expect previous experience in the usage of these softwares, but we would like to know which ones you may have used or heard about

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