13-15 September 2017
Institute of Space Sciences
Europe/Madrid timezone


During the Python for Astronomers and Particle Physicists workshop we aim to cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to python
    • Basics
    • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
    • Python environments
    • Jupyter Notebook
  • Good Programming
    • Types
    • Classes
    • Tests
    • Version Control Systems - Git
    • PEP8 standard
  • Fundamental libraries
    • Working in arrays with Numpy
    • Plotting with Matplotlib / Seaborn
    • Table Handling with Pandas
    • Modelling and fitting with Scipy 
  • Machine learning
    • Classification 
    • Regression 
  • Astronomy libraries
    • Units, FITS images, WCS and more with Astropy
    • Ephemerids with pyephem
    • Accessing online catalogues with Astroquery
    • Source detection and photometry with Photutils
  • Databases
    • ​Basic SQL operations
    • Integrating models with SQLAlchemy
  • Big Data
    • Working with very large sets of data on a Hadoop platform
    • Accessing big data with Hive and PyHive
    • Processing big data with Spark and PySpark
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