16-19 May 2022
La Sapienza University
CET timezone

Neutron stars are unique objects that manifest themselves across a wide range of multi-messenger signals: electromagnetic radiation from radio to gamma-rays, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gravitational waves. Their extreme density, gravity and magnetic fields make them exceptional astrophysical laboratories for the exploration of nuclear physics, general relativity, and electromagnetism at extreme conditions that are impossible to achieve in terrestrial laboratories. 

The PHAROS Conference 2022 is intended to gather experts and students working on neutron stars from any perspective:

  • astronomical observations from radio to gamma-rays
  • modelling of their multi-band emission
  • gravitational waves of isolated and binary neutron stars
  • neutron star formation and evolution
  • equation of state and nuclear interiors
  • core collapse supernovae
  • connection with gamma-ray bursts, fast radio bursts and the transient Universe in general

Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held on May 16-19, 2022 in La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Given the release of all the restrictions, the meeting will be fully in person (we will allow a zoom connection only to listen to the talks).

Invited Speakers

*Marco Antonelli
*Stefano Ascenzi
*Anna Bilous  
*Alice Borghese
*Enrico Bozzo
*Benoit Cerutti
*Colin Clark 
*Paolo D’Avanzo 
*Rossella Gamba
*Michael Kramer
*Sam Lander
*Lina Levin Preston
*Arianna Miraval Zanon
*Helena Pais                   


*Albino Perego 
*Luigi Piro
*Geert Raaijmakers
*Kaustubh Rajwade
*Tania Regimbau
*Stephan Rosswog
*Benjamin Shaw
*Alicia Sintes
*Luigi Stella 
*Thomas Tauris
*Laura Tolos
*Alejandro Torres-Forné 
*Roberto Turolla
*Silvia Zane 


Important Timetable and Deadlines:

  • Release of the SOC and the conference website: January 10, 2022
  • Registration and Abstract Submission Open: January 10, 2022
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15, 2022
  • Publication of the program: March 28, 2022
  • Resolution financial support: April 1, 2022
  • Payment conference fee deadline: April 25, 2022
  • Registration closes: April 25, 2022
  • Late fee: May 15, 2022

Financial Support:

We have funds from the PHAROS COST Action to support the travel and stay of some attendees. If you need support please state so in the registration form before February 15th. Priority will be given to students, young post-docs and scientists from COST ITC countries. Resolution financial support: April 1, 2022.

Conference fee and social dinner:

The conference fee is of 100 euros, and includes the coffee breaks and the welcome cocktail on Monday May 16th.

The dinner on Wednesday May 18th will be a fix menu of 70 euros (food preferences might be selected at the registration desk).

Conference fee+dinner (170 euros) or only Conference fee (100 euros) should be payed in advance via bank transfer before April 25, 2022.

A late fee of 250 euros is possible via bank transfer before May 15, 2022.

Transfers should be sent to:

 Associazione Cefalu and Astronomy
IBAN: IT83P 02008 43262 000300086911
CC Unicredit
Piazza Garibaldi 2, 90015 Cefalù

Please specify your name, institute and the PHAROS 2022 conference in the bank transfer. You will receive a payment receipt at the registration desk. Participants are responsible for any bank transfer charges.

Social Dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Wednesday May 18 at Palazzo Naiadi (https://www.anantara.com/it/palazzo-naiadi-rome), about 20-25 minutes walk from the La Sapienza University. As you know, we asked all participants to pay for the dinner in advance since the restaurant needs the exact number of participants already this week. If you did not register for the dinner, and want to join, we cannot guarantee this will be possible, but please let us know within this week. Furthermore, only people with specific dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, etc etc.), please send an email to pharos_conference2022@ice.csic.es with DINNER in the subject, telling us your special requests (such that we can pass them to the restaurant in due time, possibly before next Wednesday, May 11 ).


New regulations have been published in Italy concerning COVID-19. In particular, within La Sapienza University the “green pass” certification is not required anymore. However, all participants, to enter the University Campus, should fill in an online form everyday (and be, from Friday 12th, in the participant list of the meeting that we will provide).

To fill-in the COVID19 form (BEFORE the entrance in the University Campus ) you should go here:


and fill the form under “Procedure for Guests and Visitors”, to certify that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. When filling the form (one for each day of the conference):

  • in the field “structure you need to go” write “Department of Physics”

  • in the field “Sapienza contact person’s full name write “Leonardo Gualtieri”

  • in the field “Sapienza contact person’s email write “leonardo.gualtieri@uniroma1.it

  • in the field “Building” write “CU001-Rettorato”

  • in the field “Reason for the activity” write “Participation to PHAROS conference at Aula Magna”

Once you fill the form you will receive an email as a receipt, which should be shown at the entrance of the University Campus.


1- The participants should keep an FFP2 (warmly advised) or surgical mask when inside the building of the conference, and keep the distance of at least one 1m from each other.
2- Only people already in the final participant list will be allowed to enter in the Aula Magna.
3- COVID-19 “Green pass” is not required but you need to fill the form online everyday.

Map for the Aula Magna

The University Campus is rather big, and the Aula Magna has many entrances. There will be signs in the Campus, however you can also find a detailed map at the following link:MAP


A computer will be available in the room for presentations in PDF or Power-Point format. We need the presentations to be uploaded in the main computer to be able to share them in zoom with the remote listeners. Mac-Keynote or Linux-OpenOffice users are advised to save their presentations in PDF format, since the local computer will only support Windows Power-points.

Remember to give your presentation in a USB-pen to the LOC, at the latest in the break before your session.


All posters will be shown in the conference room (and on zoom) during coffee breaks in a single slideshow file, with 3 minutes per poster, and in alphabetical order. 

Signing up the attendance list everyday

As for COST regulations, you need to sign an attendance at the registration desk everyday. The LOC will remind people to do so, but please do not forget.

WIFI (very important!)

In the Campus all EDUROAM users will have an internet connection directly. If you do not have an eduroam account, you can ask for Wifi credentials at the registration desk. To release connection details, for security reasons, we will need to take a picture of your passport/ID.

For more info contact: pharos_conference2022@ice.csic.es

Scientific Organizing Committee

Sebastiano Bernuzzi (FSU Jena)
Marica Branchesi (GSSI)
Marta Burgay (INAF-OAC)
Fiorella Burgio (Catania)
Nathalie Degenaar (UvA)
Pablo Cerda’ Duran (Alicante)
Alice Harding (NASA)
Bryn Haskell (CAMK)
Evan Keane (Galway)
Kostas Kokkotas (Tubingen)
Vanessa Graber (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Leonardo Gualtieri (Sapienza)
Paola Leaci (Sapienza)
Manuel Linares (NTNU)
Gianluca Israel (INAF-OAR)
Micaela Oertel (LUTH)
Alessandro Papitto (INAF-OAR)
Jose’ A. Pons (Alicante)
Costança Providencia (Coimbra)
Nanda Rea (ICE-CSIC, IEEC; SOC Chair)
Patrick Weltevrede (Jodrell)

Local Organizing Committee

Pia Astone (Sapienza)
Anna Bertolin (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Francesco Coti Zelati (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Clara Dehman (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Leonardo Gualtieri (Sapienza)
Abubakr Ibrahim (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Gianluca Israel (INAF-OAR)
Paola Leaci (Sapienza, LOC Chair)
Alessio Marino (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Andrea Maselli (GSSI, Sapienza)
Alessandro Papitto (INAF-OAR)
Emilie Parent (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Celsa Pardo (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Nanda Rea (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)
Michele Ronchi (ICE-CSIC, IEEC)


La Sapienza University
Aula Magna
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5, 00185 Rome, Italy
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