19-22 November 2019
Barcelona, Spain
UTC timezone
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Scientific Programme

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Session 1: Update about the PLATO mission - M.-Jo Goupil & R. Ouazzani

  • Mission Status: the ESA perspective (A. Heras)

  • Mission Status: PSM preparation and deadlines (D. Brown)

  • The PLATO Input Catalog (G. P. Piotto)

  • The PLATO preparatory and follow-up database (M. Delleiul - TBC)

  • The ground-based follow-up program (S. Udry)

  • Requirements on data analysis support tools (P. Gaulme)

Session 2: Preparation and analysis of PLATO lightcurves - W. Chaplin & N. Lanza

Session 2a: Analysis-ready lightcurves

  • Lightcurve preparation for asteroseismic analysis (A. Moya/R. Garcia)

  • Preparation of lightcurves for rotation and activity analysis (A. F. Lanza)

  • Discussion

Session 2b: Extraction of seismic parameters

  • WP128 Community data analysis exercises (M. Bo Nielsen)

  • Overview of pipeline for extracting seismic parameters (G. Davies)

  • Discussion

Session 2c: Stellar rotation and activity measurements

  • HH exercises on rotation measurements: methods and results (S. Messina/A. F. Lanza)

  • Overview of the pipeline for rotation and activity measurements (F. Baudin)

  • Discussion

Session 3: Stellar models and their pulsation grid - A. Serenelli & J.C. Suarez

  • Results from tests on stellar physics uncertainties (J. Montalban)

  • Description of stellar models grid v1.0 (A. Serenelli)

  • Parameters for synthetic pulsation spectra (J. C. Suarez)

  • Discussion

Session 4: Model atmospheres and determination of classical parameters - T. Morel & B. Plez

  • 1D model atmospheres (B. Edvardsson)

  • 3D model atmospheres (L. Bigot)

  • Limb darkening (P. Maxted)

  • Overview of pipeline for determination of classical parameters (M. Bergemann)

  • Results of spectroscopic H&H (C. del Burgo)

  • Interferometry and surface-brightness colour relations (D. Mourard)

  • Infrared flux method (L. Casagrande, remotely)

  • Discussion

Session 5: Seismic inferences - M. Cunha & D. Reese

  • Inferring stellar properties of subgiant stars: results from an H&H exercise (S. Deheuvels)

  • Seismic inferences on main-sequence stars: results from a H&H exercise (I. Roxburgh)

  • Asteroseismic measurements of stellar rotation and asphericity (L. Gizon)

  • Discussion

Session 6: Benchmark stars, calibration stars - O. Creevey & P. Maxted (TBC)

  • WP125500 remit and progress (O. Creevey)

  • Eclipsing binaries in PLATO SPF from TESS (P. Maxted)

  • Fundamental effective temperature from EBs (N. Miller)

  • Interferometric observations of benchmark stars (A. Salsi)

  • Ages for Gaia benchmark stars (S. Feltzing)

  • Spectroscopic orbits for astrometric binaries from Gaia (F. Kiefer)

  • Fundamental parameters for M dwarfs (T. Olander)

  • Towards an optimal set of calibration stars for PLATO (C. Aerts)

  • Discussion

Session 7: Stellar rotation and activity - A. Lanza & F. Baudin

  • Recent advances in the physics of sunspots and starspots (S. Solanki)

  • Models for angular momentum evolution of late-type stars (F. Gallet)

  • HD and MHD models of angular momentum transport and differential rotation (A. Strugarek)

  • Surface convection models (F. Kupka / H.-G. Ludwig)

  • Recent advances in spot modeling (N. Meunier)

  • Stellar flares in photometric time-series data (B. Stelzer)

  • Discussion

Session 8: Final data output (mass, radius, age) to be delivered - J. Christensen Dalsgaard & A. Miglio

  • Selection and verification of non-seismic data (S. Feltzing)

  • Selection and verification of seismic data (Ch. Karoff)

  • Selection and verification of the final results: mass, radius, age and chemical composition (R. Angus)

Session 9: Surface effects - J. Ballot & R. Samadi

  • Using patched models (Andreas Jørgensen)

  • The amplitude of solar p-mode oscillations from 3D convection simulations (Yixiao Zhou)

  • Time-dependent convection models (Gunter Houdek)

  • A variational approach for near surface effect correction (L. Bigot)

  • Near-surface effect correction for PLATO (R. Samadi/J. Ballot)

  • Discussion

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