1-5 July 2019
Europe/Madrid timezone
3rd Institute of Space Sciences Summer School - 1st IEEE GRSS Instrumentation and Future Technologies Remote Sensing Summer School (IFT-R3S)




Prof. Hyuk Park, Mr. Joan Francesc Muñoz, Mr. Rubén Barragán, Dr. Israel Durán: tour guides


The IEEE and GRSS societies, early career perspective
Adriano Camps
Past President IEEE-GRSS, UPC, Spain
Relevance and Impact of Remote Sensing into NOAA products
Lídia Cucurull
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA
Overview of Radar Remote Sensing Techniques
Scott Hensley
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, USA


SAR principles, operation modes, spaceborne SAR instruments
Marwan Younis
DLR, Germany
SAR processing
Scott Hensley
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, USA
SAR interferometry, Bi-static SAR
Pau Prats
DLR, Germany

Remote sensing with GNSS and SoOP:

GNS Reflectometry and Radio Occultation
Estel Cardellach
lnstitute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC), Spain
Reflectometry with other Sources of OPportunity (SoOP)
Rashmi Shah
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, USA
GNSS-R and SoOP-R instruments
Serni Ribó
lnstitute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC), Spain


Lidar principles
Adolfo Comerón
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain
Lidar applications
Upendra N. Singh
Chair IEEE GRSS IFT, NASA/Langley Research Center, VA, USA
Lidar instruments and processing techniques
Alex Papayannis
President ICLAS, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece


Visit to the UPC laboratories
Prof. Albert Aguasca: Airborne SAR and MWR
Prof. Sebastian Blanch: Anechoic Chamber
Prof. Antoni Broquetas: GB-SAR and Rain Radar
Prof. Adriano Camps: NanoSat Lab
Dr. Roger Jové: Microwave Radiometers
Mr. Raúl Onrubia: GNSS-R
Mr. Adrián Pérez: RFI Detection and Mitigation
Prof. Francesc Rocadenbosch: LIDAR
UPC tour guides
Prof. Hyuk Park
Mr. Joan Francesc Muñoz
Mr. Rubén Barragán
Dr. Israel Durán
IEEE GRSS IDEA Program Presentation
Dr. Shawn C. Kefauver
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